52" Ordinary

Maker so far unknow. Serial No.7835. The number is stamped on the spindle
and on the rear hub flag. 52" diameter driving wheel. Bowns Aeolus front wheel
ball bearings. Two adjustable steps on the oval backbone.

Cow horn shape handlebar   Front wheel brake

Horn handle   Saddle

Clothes protection   Missing head cover


Hub   Secound adjustable step


Cone bearing pedals   Bown´s Aeolus ball bearing   Bown´s Aeolus ball bearing


Direct action spokes   White rubber bar pedals, red overpaint   Spoke head in the rim


Rear wheel   Oval backbone   Rear hub with ball bearings



Head adjustment nut   Head adjustment nut   Head adjustment nut


Spindle in head
  Neck over clothes protection   Spindle in head


Spindle   Serial No 7835 stamped on the spindle
  Admission for the spindle


Spoon brake   Spoon fixing to head
and brake spring
  Brake lever to spoon connection


Brake lever   Brake lever fixing on handlebar   Brake lever fixing on handlebar


Sliding spring   Sliding spring fixing on the neck   Saddle mounted on
the sliding spring


Screw head from the
lever brake
  Screw head from the scound
adjustable step
  Screw head from the first
adjustable step


    Serial No 7835 stamped on the flage of the rear hub    


Collection: Markus Beer. Sold to an other collector in june 2007.